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Meet Julie.

I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), but more importantly I am on a mission. A BIG mission. And it includes YOU.

More on where YOU come in in a moment. I spent 20 years in the Fortune 500 corporate world as a marketing Vice President. When I turned 40, making half a million, beautiful home, amazing family, I felt that something was missing.

I felt GUILTY for even thinking I wanted more. But what I wanted more of, was PURPOSE.

I followed that desire, left corporate and started my own coaching company. My mission? To help women design their lives on PURPOSE and not on SHOULDS.

I now serve clients and train coaches on a method to do just that. Life by design.

Here is where I need YOU. We need more coaches in this world. Coaches we train to IGNITE the minds of their own clients to design a life of purpose AND get the results they want. I am on a mission to train, coach and certify 1000s of mindset coaches who can take this mission forward.

If YOU want more PURPOSE and want to help others, there is no better career than being a mindset coach. Whether you help people get results in weight loss, finances, relationships, fitness, business, parenting, the IGNITE Coach School certification is the perfect place to start.

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