Who is this for?

  • You climbed the corporate ladder and don't feel you are living your true purpose
  • You have success but are so burned out that other areas of your life are suffering
  • You left your career to stay home with the kiddos, but you are yearning for MORE.
  • You have huge ambition in your company but don't have mentors and leaders to guide you to design your career your way.
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Julie knows.....she left a high paying, Fortune 500 executive career because she was missing the joy, the impact, the purpose..........



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  • Imagine what it will feel like when you wake up on Monday mornings full of excitement & joy
  • Imagine setting and achieving BIG mind & soul aligned goals in your life & career
  • Imagine creating generational shifts for your children to live lives they desire vs a life of shoulds
  • Imagine BEcoming an influential leader, CEO or executive
  • Imagine having an Abundant Life Game Plan for wealth, impact and purpose

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Watch Bob Proctor interview Julie on deciding to pursue her life's purpose - will inspire you to do same!

Who is Julie Ciardi?

Julie Ciardi is a former Fortune 500 marketing executive turned 7 figure entrepreneur & CEO who believes we all have the choice to live a life by design vs by default. Julie helps women create passion, purpose, profit and legacy for themselves and their families.  

Julie is the podcast host of the IGNITE Her Mind show and has been a guest on many other podcasts.  

Connect with Julie on Instagram @julieciardi or on her website at www.julieciardi.com

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