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Learn how to stop living day to day through the chaos of being a mom, a wife, an employee focused on laundry, groceries, dinner, homework.....and start living an intentional life with purpose.

It is time to hit the pause button in your life, invest in yourself, because you are more than mommy. When you are the best version of YOU then you are a better mom.

I would LOVE to see you inside the More than Mommy Bootcamp! I have two exciting options for you, watch the video below to determine which option is best for you! xo, Julie

SPECIAL NOTE!!! Price has been lowered from $297 to $150! (video still say $297!)

The More than Mommy Bootcamp is designed to provide the following:

  • Create a life vision for the life you truly want
  • Creating tools like a vision board to stay on track for what you want to create in your life
  • Strategies and tactics for managing your mind. Your mind can create the life you want or prevent you from having that life
  • Managing your feelings and emotional health
  • Intentional Day to day strategies to create the long term life you want. 
  • Putting it all together to fit into your busy life as a mom

So what is actually inside the course and how does this work? Check out the next video......

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Enroll in the VIP Package for More than Mommy Bootcamp

The More than Mommy Bootcamp includes

  • Six weekly modules where you will receive a video from me teaching one of the concepts, strategies, tools of the program
  • Weekly group coaching in the private Facebook Group for members only where you can ask questions and learn from others
  • Bonus modules that include revamping your beauty routine, starting a side hustle, network marketing do's & don'ts,j and winning at blended families
  • Life long access to the content in this program which will continue to expand and grow over time
  • As founding members of the More than Mommy Bootcamp you have special pricing for a limited time
  • VIP Package includes six 1:1 hour long coaching sessions with Julie to work on life and business goals

Why you can't afford to miss this opportunity 

95% of people are living a life that does not meet their expectations

Being in the 5% of people that ARE living a life they love is the BEST place to be

Go at your own pace - videos & worksheets will be available each week, but its up to you and your schedule how and when you complete them! Take longer than 6 weeks if you need to!

As women, we invest so much money in our bodies > gym memberships, clothing, hair color & cuts, nails, diet programs, skin care and makeup.....

When was the last time you invested in your MIND?

Our MIND creates the life we have and the one we want. Not our bodies......

You have one life and this is your chance your chance to start ensuring that is one you will look back on with love, pride and satisfaction!

So who is Julie Ciardi and why should I invest with her?

So how much does this program cost? 

You have the opportunity to join the More than Mommy Bootcamp program as a FOUNDING member. What does that mean?

This program will be available several times this year. This is the FIRST class and as the founding members you get a special price. 

Why? Because I want your feedback to continue to make this an incredibly valuable program.

You get LIFETIME access to the program. So as new content is made available in future launches, YOU get the new material for FREE!

The More than Mommy Bootcamp is available for $150!

The VIP Package includes the full program PLUS six 1:1 coaching calls with me for $995. There are limited spots available! 6 week 1:1 coaching alone is $995, so you are getting the course for free.

I want you to think about how much money you have invested in your body over the last month? Probably more than $150. Make it a priority to invest in your mind and your future self.

I know you are READY to take the next step and I can't wait to get to know you and work with you to create a life you want over the next 6 weeks! xo, Julie

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