Hey! I am Julie Ciardi. I am a life & business coach for women.

I believe we are here for a purpose. And when we are not walking in our purpose path, we feel stuck, unfulfilled....and guilty that we feel this way.

My mission on this planet is to help women step fully into her purpose path and create wealth, time freedom & joy. It is time to live the life you want to NOW and not wait for someday.

Are you ready for more?

I can help you become a profitable coach.


Becoming a coach changed my life.

Becoming a coach will change yours.

In the 10K Coach Accelerator, we show you how to be a coach, teacher and mentor.

A coach helps you have a breakthrough by showing you what you can't see for yourself.

A teacher will teach you concepts and tools to help change your awareness & knowing.

A mentor will show you the path to what you want because she is already walking it. She walks the walk.

Being all 3 to your clients? Priceless. It is how true transformation happens. Real results.

Are you ready to become a coach, teacher and mentor? Are you ready to impact others?

Are you ready to make money doing what you love?

The 10K Coach Accelerator is a one of a kind program that combines life coaching concepts & tools with transformational methods to help identify & bust through habitual thinking & habitual feelings that create habitual behavior and habitual results.

True transformation requires that your client see something she could not possibly see before.

Her limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs come from the operating system we all have on autopilot.

This operating system can serve us. But when it doesn't serve us, it blocks us from being, doing and having what we want in our life.

The 10K Coach Accelerator will make you a unique coach, teacher, and mentor. You will be able to help people create true transformational change.

We can show you how.

There is so much inside the 10K Coach Accelerator! It is a 12 month program, but you can begin to work with clients as early in the process as you want.

You do not need to wait to be certified to start helping people.

Our coaches in the program have landed their first paying clients within a couple months into certification.

We not only train you to be a coach, teacher and mentor, but we show you how to land clients with our consultation blueprint.

We show you how to build a business or get hired as a coach.

Let's go deeper.....

Here is what is included in your enrollment in the 10K Coach Accelerator:

I want to make this as no brainer of a decision as I can for you! When you enroll in the 10K Coach Accelerator you will be automatically eligible for the The IGNITE Ambassador Program.

You have the opportunity to refer others into our programs and receive 10% commission right to your bank account.

Available to YOU the moment you join. Make back your investment with 3 referrals and any additional referrals are pure profit!

How would your life be different if your yearly income became your monthly income?

How would your life be different if you were pursuing your life's purpose and were so happy?

How would your life be different if your relationships were filled with love, peace, and fulfillment?

How would your life be different if you were the best version of YOU?

Life is short - isn't it worth finding out?

I am thrilled you found the 10K Coach Accelerator

Julie has been personally mentored and trained by the original personal development coach, industry leader, the legendary Bob Proctor and his incredible blueprint for success.

Bob had been teaching his method for over 60 years! His teachings are based on the absolute greats in history like Napoleon Hill (Think & Grow Rich), Earl Nightingale (The Strangest Secret), Wallace D Wattles (Science of Getting Rich).

Bob was also one of the main contributors to the movie The Secret.

Julie is a certified mentor teaching Bob's method - the keys to getting what you want.

Julie is also certified by the top life coach school in the world - The Life Coach School.

Julie also spent 20 years in corporate as an executive leading & mentoring women.

Julie has a unique and fresh take on what WOMEN need today.

She has taken all her training and certifications and built her own method, her own tools to help YOU design the life you desire and the BEcome the version of you who has achieved it.

When you join the 10K Coach Accelerator below, you will be able to help YOURSELF and others with this method!

Want to hear from our clients who are in or have completed the 10K Coach Accelerator? Watch below!

How does The 10K Coach Accelerator work?

You will be invited to our orientation session! My team and I will ensure you know where everything is, how to get started and how to make the most of your year with us.

You will also receive a getting started guide with instructions on how to prepare, how and what to do to start your own BEcoming Her is the Secret lessons.

You will have lifetime access to the all of the programs.

(PLEASE NOTE: BE the CEO Membership & Coach Collective is 12 month access only).

Once you join the 10K Coach Accelerator, we will send you all of the information to log in as well as personal outreach from my team to invite you to an orientation session.

And don't forget we pay YOU when you refer others, you receive 10% commission!


One of the stumbling blocks I see with new coaches

is that they don't know the following:

#1. What will my program look like? How long? How to price and package it?

#2. What will my niche be?

I decided to help newer coaches by creating a done for you program that is so easy to implement for any niche or no niche at all!


You get to decide how you want to start and where you want to finish!

10K Coach Accelerator


Choose an option below!

Payment in full unlocks $656 in savings & a 1:1 strategy session with Julie which includes one month of Voxer access to have Julie in your back pocket!

Life time access to certification program!

PLUS 12 months access to live coaching, business training & coaching and our BE the CEO Business Membership to help you implement what you learn and start your business and make money quickly.


If you are going to work with me, you should know some deets!

I am a Bostonian transplant in New York (yes, that can be fun!), but more importantly I am on a mission. A BIG mission. And it includes YOU.

More on where YOU come in in a moment.

I spent 20 years in the Fortune 50 corporate world (that is not a typo, I was a Vice President of Marketing in one of the top 50 companies in the world) and while “successful” I never felt I was in the right place.

When I turned 40, making a half million, had a beautiful home, an amazing family, and yet I felt that something was missing.

I felt GUILTY for even thinking I wanted more. But what I wanted more of, was PURPOSE.

I followed that desire, left corporate and started my own coaching company. My mission? To help women design their lives on PURPOSE and not on SHOULDS.

I now serve clients and train coaches around the world on a method to do just that.

Life by design. 

This work has transformed my life. My relationships. My health. My money. My purpose. And I want that for you too.

Here is where I need YOU. We need more women to become coaches, to teach and mentor other women. The ripple effect can cause generational shifts!

If you are ready to be a torchbearer of success for your family, the 10K Coach Accelerator is NEXT step you should take.

xo, Julie

Julie is the host of the IGNITE Her Mind® Podcast where she gives mindset, personal growth, and business tips. She also interviews amazing women who started businesses and are achieving incredible success & impact.

Don’t let another month or year go by before you create that purpose, income, RESULTS, you want in your life.


Now is the time. There has never been a better time to start living an abundant, rewarding, and purpose driven life!

REGISTER TODAY & join the coaching cohort starting Monday! You will get invited to new student orientation session and our Getting Started Guide